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June 29, 2021

Epoxy Resin Enters The Off-season, And Prices Continue To Fall

Coating industry:
   The domestic epoxy resin market fell broadly last week. As of June 25, the negotiated price of liquid resin in East China was around 26,000 yuan/ton, and the negotiated price of solid epoxy resin was around 25,000 yuan/ton, with a weekly decline of more than 1,500 yuan/ton.
The raw material epichlorohydrin oscillated in a narrow range last week. As of June 25, the price of epichlorohydrin in the East China market was around RMB 12,800/ton, which was the same as last week; another raw material, bisphenol A, fell sharply, and the cost support was significantly weakened. At present, the large resin factories have relatively high operating load, but the downstream is more bearish on the market. Under the declining market, the enthusiasm for purchasing resin is lower, the resin factory orders are insufficient, and the pressure on shipments is increasing. In addition, the boilers in the Shexian Park of Anhui Province have returned to normal, but the solid epoxy resin companies are still unable to increase the operating load due to insufficient orders.
July and August are the "off season" for powder coatings, and the corresponding demand for epoxy resin will also decrease. In addition, the demand for several major downstream industries has not improved significantly. Wind power customers are not very enthusiastic in purchasing, and there is a demand for electronics. Decreasing trend, epoxy resin has also entered the "off season", and prices may continue to fall in the later period.

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